In an ever changing environment of new technology and market trends, companies must respond quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Demanding schedules and constant change require the design experience and resource flexibility to provide that quick response without sacrificing cost or quality. The breadth of experience and collaborative nature of the design studios at Shremshock allow our clients to reach their goals on time and on budget while maintaining the highest level of professional service.


The Architecture and Engineering professions are among the top industries affected by the rapidly changing world of technology. Shremshock strives to be on the leading edge of this with our hardware and software programs. We have experience with a variety of software programs and we focus most of our efforts around the industry standards; AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Sketchup, and 3ds Max. We have the in-house capability to customize these programs to better suit the workflow needs of our clients and give them a better product in a shorter amount of time. In our design studio we offer a variety of output based on the client’s budget. We can produce hand-sketched renderings, computer-aided sketch renderings and animations utilizing Google SketchUp Pro, or photo-realistic renderings and animations using Revit or Autodesk 3ds Max Design.

Shremshock utilizes Newforma software as our Project Information Manager (PIM).  This allows us to store in a database all communication per project, as well as all data files, such as shop drawing submittals and RFIs, which we can then search for and share with our out-of-house project team members. With these technologies we are able to increase efficiencies, especially during the construction administration phase of the project, helping to shorten construction schedules and allowing owners to occupy their buildings sooner.

We are always looking at new technologies that will help us convey our designs in the best possible manner to help our clients’ projects become reality. Since 2016, we have been utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) interactive walk-throughs to fully immerse our clients in their space during the design process.

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