Shremshock offers mechanical and electrical engineering services to our clients for projects of all types and sizes – spanning most market segments. Internally, our practice functions primarily as an integrated extension of our six architectural studios. This close integration allows the engineering system designs to more seamlessly mesh with the architectural designs as they are developed simultaneously, together under one roof and within a close team environment. Our internal mentoring and training programs drive a wide range of education initiatives, including greater general engineering understanding, development of engineering associates, and encouragement of cross-functional learning.


The initial design phases of a new project are often ‘engineering neutral’, where engineering systems are either not yet determined, or not yet a priority. By engaging with the architectural team at this time, we help guide the project forward, avoiding challenges which might otherwise negatively impact the budget or schedule later in the project.

Reviewing the engineering systems from a utility viewpoint can be a critical step before finalizing real estate agreements. In conjunction with our in-house survey team, Shremshock offers on-site or off-site investigation or evaluation of specific engineering-related concerns, which when managed properly and early can more easily be resolved.


We utilize a rigorous document review process that mirrors the process used by our architectural counterparts. As with our architectural studio partners, we involve our leadership in every project. Shremshock’s considerable resources, experienced personnel, use of cutting-edge technology, and innovative problem solving, improve the entire engineering design process.

Shremshock provides HVAC, plumbing, and electrical (power, lighting, and low voltage systems) design services. We also offer fire protection performance specifications. In addition, we can customize a specific list of engineering-related services to suit any project. We work closely with the entire project team throughout the process, including clients, vendors, contractors, architects, civil and structural engineers and construction managers, to achieve a finished construction document set that reflects the best path to meet the project’s requirements.


In common with our architect counterparts, we maintain continuity and consistency of staff through the contract document phase and into construction. We work beside the architects through construction to help resolve any field issues that arise. Whether it is a substitution request, working with a local jurisdiction on a variance, reviewing shop drawings, answering requests for information, quickly adjusting design based on unforeseen or hidden site conditions discovered during demolition, or any other needs the project has, we proactively work with our clients and other team members to ensure project success.

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