We believe in an integrated design team approach. The best design solutions usually do not come from a single individual, but instead from many talented people through collaboration. Likewise, viable ideas may come from any member of the project team and may be generated from outside one’s discipline or area of specialty. We have discovered that a collaborative approach allows for the very quick generation of ideas and design solutions. As a result, design direction can be established very early in the project process, allowing more time for development of the single best design idea and less time spent developing ideas which will end up on the ‘cutting room floor’. This approach leads to a more efficient process overall.

In the beginning of the design process we pull the team together for an initial ‘Big Idea’ Design Charrette where the design team, inclusive of client representatives, review all the project information at hand, including the client’s goals and objectives for the project. Under Shremshock’s leadership, the team will collaboratively develop multiple design ideas and document them in real time during the charrette. The team will then evaluate all the design ideas for their merits and select a single design idea that will be further developed into a final design solution. This approach can significantly reduce the overall design time on a given project.

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