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3D Renderings/Modeling, Architecture, Construction Documentation, Design Development, Detail Development, Facility Assessment, Field Verification, Interior Design, MEP Engineering, Prototype Development, Renovation, Restoration, Schematic Design, Zoning Submittals


As a key partner in the development of the Image Activation Design, Shremshock was asked to assist Wendy’s in developing a lower cost alternative to the current new-build design. Although the original concept was to be retained for new buildings, there was a need for a lower cost alternative that was better suited for the numerous number of existing stores that would require remodeling over the next 6 years.  In response, Shremshock developed the “Blade Forward” concept, which would later become the IA Remodel Standard.  In order to to test the design, Wendy’s selected a prototypical restaurant in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Having met the design objectives, and being well received by the leadership team, Shremshock was retained to expand the program and create guideline drawings for seven prototype models.